Entyvio Dose 9 & Running Update

Entyvio Dose 9 & Running Update

fc02ffc9-31c6-434b-b252-9239397f566dA few weeks ago, I had my 9th dose of Entyvio. I’ve made a point of going on Tuesdays because ….

I’m a creature of habit, I have my favorite nurse and it’s quiet. And I get all of the good snacks. Wednesdays in this office are not unlike Wednesdays many offices in corporate America – an undertone of stress, lots of chatter and usually a surprise or two. Here, the surprises for me were that the room was at about 95% capacity and we now have a new nurse, whom i was very caught off guard by. I obviously treated her like she was dating a good friend of mine and was pretty quick with my questions and was pretty skeptical. Sorry about that, nurse #4, ya did great.

The rest of the treatment was pretty standard. Once I got off my high horse, my favorite nurse started my IV, and I continued working for about 30 minutes before my scratchy throat started as it inevitably always does, so I shut my computer off and wandered off on social media instead.

Side Effects – The next two days were spent how they almost always are  … more sleeping than usual, flu like symptoms, the slowness, etc. all sank in and I tried to just remember that this comes first, not my social life and definitely not work, a notion I have continued to struggle with in recent months. I am still myself, just at a rough 55%. I have to imagine it is what getting older feels like? Guess I’ll know when I find out.

Henry knows when it’s Entyvio day or he’s just super needy, tough call.

Besides treatment – I’ve been particularly stubborn lately. With the resurge of energy, I’ve thrown all my effort into work and working out, with no sight of stopping soon.

At this time last year, I couldn’t imagine running over a few miles a week and anything over 40 hours a week of work – completely out of the question.

That has changed drastically – in a good way.  For the first time I am challenged professionally and have a ton of ownership behind what I do. Which is also why I am never on here anymore apparently. But the other day I was quickly reminded that I’m actually not a Olympic athlete – I’m an upper 20 something who has two autoimmune diseases and needs to stop living a lifestyle like she doesn’t.

Two days post Entyvio – I woke up, fed Henry, let him out, and had to sit down immediately because I was feeling lightheaded and no one wants the call that Kate fell again and knocked more teeth out. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten much for dinner the night before – I was so tired I had just gone to bed early. So I ate breakfast on the couch before showering … but instead of showering, I closed my eyes apparently and woke up to our doggie daycare personnel keying into the apartment to pick up Henry and I was already an hour late. Oops!

The only thing I could think was – this is the anecdotal story you tell before you make a major life change and move to Bali. Spoiler alert: not moving – too much law school debt, but am definitely owning the fact that I took on too much and it wore me out. And while I know I was definitely tired, I hadn’t given myself enough recovery time after Entyvio. So immune system was down and my body pulled the alarm to remind me. Noted.

cf5f1d4b-38f9-4d89-ae5b-44bfd917edbbThe other thing I have had a difficult time coming to terms with is the fact that right now, I cannot run long distances. Yes, in my last post I wrote about how I was going to run the half marathon in what is now one week away! That won’t be happening, unfortunately. My body quickly reminded me as well that i’ve given it a good go, but it’s time to slow down. My knees carried me 12+ miles a week for the first 7 weeks and then decided that would quickly wind down a whopping zero. I started off with a day or two of knee pain, which was just compounded by the barometric pressure being off the charts (exacerbating my inflamed knees – another major perk of autoimmune diseases co-occurring).

At first I just missed one run and gave myself a break. Then I missed a week of running because it was too difficult to walk back and forth to work and then also have to run in the evening – my legs just felt fatigued. And then it was exhausting walking to work so I took transit or rode a bike. After a little over two weeks, my legs recovered. I took up other activities during this time like yoga and riding bikes, so it wasn’t as if I wasn’t able to move at all, but it felt pretty extreme. Side note – people of Chicago, i’m late to the party, but Divvy is awesome! 

I finally had to admit to myself that I still need the same amount of sleep that an 80 year old needs and running just wasn’t good for me. I enjoy it on a leisurely basis but if I’m going to do a long distance race like that – I need a regimented program built for me among many other things to seriously commit to a running schedule.

So I finally admitted to myself that my body just wasn’t ready to carry me through a half marathon, which is okay! It may never be ready for it. Oh well. Maybe i’ll do a 5k or a 10k instead, maybe not. It’s not worth beating yourself up over something your body is very clearly trying to tell you it doesn’t want to do. I don’t care that people have given me grief over it either, because we just don’t experience the same things, so there is no use in comparing.

All of this to say … It was a good lesson for me. I needed to slow down, which is why I wrote this post 2+ weeks later than I wanted to, sitting in a hammock on my patio, not worried about my running schedule and looking forward to these awesome vacations I just booked.

See you soon Europe!


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