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521a84a1-9c09-4fb3-a326-b0c77445a11cAnd it is already Sunday … This weekend was a productive one, which is surprising given that I had Entyvio treatment Friday. I did a lot of running around today which isn’t that exciting, but I wanted to shout out Patagonia for having the best customer service alive. Long story short, they absolutely stand behind the quality of their products. They are an impressive company that pushes for environmental conscious by retailers and takes their corporate responsibility regarding fair labor seriously, which is refreshing! 

As for Friday and Saturday, I did a lot of blog-related writing. I was shocked at how many new readers the Henry post brought! For those of you who don’t know me, I swear I am only a little crazy. I also did a decent amount of planning, mostly travel related, which is definitely the most fun kind of planning I have done lately. I am so excited this year’s travel agenda is booked with a number of places I haven’t been before. One of my goals is to make sure I visit at least two new countries a year, so this will be the first check off that list!

After many hours of planning and many more bottles of wine, I am now one month out from my trip to Iceland! We are going to Reykjavik in the middle of February for what other reason than … a bachelorette party! When I say we, I mean me and 16 other girls. I know it sounds unconventional for this type of event and that’s because it is, but when my cousin asked me to be maid of honor in her wedding, I knew this trip had to be knocked out of the park.

img_2815As I mentioned in my Liebster post, I share my name with my cousin, who is also my age and lives in my neighborhood here in Chicago. For those of you with close siblings and families, I am sure you also know how nice it is to have someone who understands your dynamic and all of the family nuances. It makes life a lot easier when you have someone who knows your thought process and is thinking the same thing about 95% of the time. While I am not thrilled about her having a new last name and now not having anyone to blame anything on, I like her fiance enough that I will learn to cope. 🙂

Back to Iceland. This all started in August when we sat down to determine where this group may want to go and came up with 4 destinations: (1) Miami, FL (2) Nassau, Bahamas (3) San Juan, Puerto Rico and (4) Reykjavik, Iceland. After talking with the girls, it was an overwhelming vote for Iceland! So lucky she has amazing and adventurous friends. The group was super responsive and pulled the trigger right away on a ridiculous Airbnb and flights. 

Now, were in the home stretch and it is time to book the activities. So far, we have decided that the following activities are a go: Blue Lagoon, snowmobiling, Northern Lights tour, and lots of good eats. I have had recommendations for a number of different agencies like Arctic Adventures and sites like Visit Reykjavik what helps you sort through different excursions. But, it is a bit overwhelming!

So, I need to know what suggestions you guys have! I know so many of you have been to Iceland in the last few years, so what is the best and worst? What should we avoid? What was your favorite restaurant? Favorite activity you did? Since our group is so big I would love to get some transportation and tour deals, so for those of you with travel affiliates, help a girl out!

I promise to come back with my best Blue Lagoon pictures, my best attempts at capturing the Northern Lights and the other cute little things Iceland offers! I haven’t traveled with a group this big internationally, so I will give you guys a run down on what was necessary (or not) for traveling internationally with a group and maintaining Crohn’s. So far, everything I have read indicates that I won’t have an issue with diet, so that is always a relief. Until then, I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!



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