Henry’s Howling Happenings

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am having a great start to the day but I have Entyvio at 9a, so that is a different story … Let’s be honest, I have been in a serious rut with this blog lately, but last night I sat down and had the ‘breakthrough’ I needed. I can’t wait for you guys to see what the next few months have to bring! I promise it will be more informational, but for now, I hope this post below makes you laugh. 

I couldn’t help myself …. I was so nostalgic about 2017 as a whole, I wrote Henry a letter, as if he is going to be able to read it or something. While this does show my ultra-crazy-dog-mom side, if you have met Henry, you will understand. Should I read it to him now?!

Henry’s Howling Happenings


I cannot believe it has already been one year since you joined our fam! From the swamplands of Lake Okeechobee, to Uncle Andy and Aunt Samantha’s house where we met you, can you believe only two short weeks later you would be riding in the cabin of an airplane on your way to Chicago?! It was a lot of activity, but this was only the beginning. Since then, you have done so many fun things. You have been on more road trips than I can count. While many of those trips aren’t the most exciting ones in the world, your excitement is the same every time. Most of the time, it is just the dog park or our new favorite spot, the dog beach, but driving in the city makes you a little nervous, and I can’t blame you for that. You have also made so many new friends (both human and dog), have tried many more foods than I ever intended my dog to try, yada, yada, yada. We have even made up apartment games like hall ball!

We can’t believe how far you have come. When you first came to our house, you were a bit altered from the medication you were on after surgery, but once that wore off, you were very nervous and startled by everything that surrounded you. I never realized how loud the city was until watching Henry react to it. We would take you for walks, thinking you would be like other city dogs and quietly comply and trot along the sidewalk, looking lovingly at your new owners, however that wasn’t the case. You definitely were pumped for this new adventure and to be hanging out with us, but other dogs didn’t quite understand how to take that energy. We tried to expose you to as much as we could, in a healthy way. Everyone, please picture the dog parents from Best in Show, re: Busy Bee. That is us. Your first big outing was to Navy Pier, where there were so so so many people and new doggies to sniff. This was also your first encounter with kids! You nailed it.

But when it came to the other dogs like I mentioned, you were also super excited. They didn’t look like you, which made you even more curious. The ones your size became your favorite. The small ones, you didn’t know what to do with. You barked and barked and barked at them, until we realized that, well, we have to teach you how to talk to them in a way that they understand and that makes us comfortable. So, we went to doggie school at the Anti-Cruelty Society. This worked out great, until the dog flu broke out again, and we couldn’t go anymore. But you learned the basics! I thought I was proud of myself for finishing graduate school, turns out getting you to finally learn “sit” is just as gratifying.


About two months after you arrived, we became more comfortable with your behavior and our handling of you. The biggest thing we had learned at the time was that we cannot separate in front of you or you think it is the last time you will ever see us and then you scream so loud, it is almost comical. This has definite gotten better. You attended a beer festival in February, where you made the newspaper (while wearing a scarf), and then went to meet your uncles house for the first time. That was a longgg weekend for you. While it wasn’t the smoothest sailing with Jack and Baxter the first day, we happily know now that they are your pack. Little did my parents know Henry could be such a common resident in their guest suite… This is now one of your favorite places. It is quiet, you get to hang with your buds and spread out a bit, while also being the center of attention. Lucky guy.

You have covered a very large portion of the Midwest by car with us. You have spent a couple days in Ohio, more than a few in Michigan and Indiana, you even went to southern Illinois for the solar eclipse! Sorry we didn’t get you glasses so you had to stay inside… You visited numerous parks like Starved Rock with one of your girlfriends, you attended brunch and once again made the paper (Chicago Tribune!), you marched in the International Women’s Day Parade (unknowingly), you cheered on the runners at the Chicago Marathon, you went paddleboarding on your made-up birthday with Alex, you ate Thanksgiving dinner out of Van’s hands, you did Tour de Dog Park (visiting all 3 Dog Parks within walking distance in the same day) at least 100 times this fall, and most importantly to me, you willingly laid in bed with me for days when I didn’t feel well. You did your fair share of scaring us as well when you had kennel cough (which ended up giving me bronchitis) and also a few bacterial infections that made you real sensitive.

Oh and you received a ridiculous amount of toys and presents from your parents’ friends. Like an absurd amount for a dog. You have had Bavette’s more than I have! Not to mention the numerous stuffed animals, rawhide bones, jerky, etc. that our friends so generously bring for you, although you still let them know you are the boss by letting out a very prominent bark as they walk in. We will continue to work on that one, buddy.

Henry, you have taught me SO much over the last year. 2017 had a number of wins in my life, but you take the number 1 spot everytime. I have always loved dogs but having a large, young dog, transplanted from another place to the city, requires a unique level of care. You get me up and moving when it is literally the last thing in the world I want to do but know I should (mom guilt), but also you don’t make me move until I am ready when I have a rough Crohn’s day. You aren’t an early riser, you would much rather sleep in. Everyone is surprised at the level of which you like to snuggle and you love being the center of attention. There have been more days than I can count in 2017 that I have just felt down and out, wondering why things are like this for me, and while I have an amazing support system of humans, it is just nice even when I work from home to have you sit next to me and not judge me. You are in tune with everything I do and I appreciate you for that! 

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