New Year, Same Me

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All I can say about the new year so far is … nothing has gone as planned! We had friends visit after Christmas, (you guys know Jess & the Colasanti gang) which was great. We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, ate way too much at Zed 451, watched a number of shows and movies, and just spent time enjoying the city and watching life through an 11 month old’s lens. Everything was great, until we ordered take out on Friday night. I am sure you can guess where the rest of this goes …  food poisoning!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI’ll spare you the details, but it led to a pretty anti-climatic New Year’s Eve for Alex and I (Henry didn’t seem to mind). For the first time in probably 15 years, I didn’t even make it until midnight. But I did wake up at 12:00a on the dot, which, after watching Black Mirror for hours prior, was pretty weird. I have been in bed for the majority of 18 hours, Henry once again is shockingly fine with this, as long as he is literally right next to me. Now it’s almost 4p and things are slowly looking up. What better time to contemplate things you want to accomplish?

I’ve been looking forward to 2018 for a while because I love a good landmark day to make a change. Does it always work? No, but I’ll take a shot at it. Here are some of my realistic hopes/goals/thoughts for the year:

  • Visit at least two new countries.
  • Plan another backpacking trip in the US.
  • Find a new professional challenge or side project (blog or non-blog related).
  • Learn when to say no to people so I don’t burn myself out.
  • Find a Crohn’s related event to participate in (seminar or active challenge).
  • Work out at least 2 times a week.
  • Take my vitamins on time! (it’s been tough lately).
  • Prioritize getting Henry the exercise he needs.
  • Do more for my parents instead of asking them to help me.

That’s all I have for right now! Oh yeah, last one – stop overbooking/ overexplaining/ overcompensating and just be proud of what I have and have done up until this point. While I consider myself to be a disciplined person, I want to focus on personal accountability during this next year – and part of that involves continuing the growth and outreach of this community/ platform!

Any suggestions? Thoughts? How do you see this year going for yourself? What will help you achieve your goals?

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