Weekend Wind Down

still trying to figure out how to do my hair obviously …

Well, this one is kind of a week & weekend wind down. See, I usually have my calendar properly filled with dates I plan to do certain things with the blog, but like almost everything else in my life lately, I have decided to ignore it …. Right now, I am focusing on having some more dense content, but just less often, or just when I feel like, because this is supposed to be a de-stressor, right?!

BUT! Two exciting things happened last week for The Peaks & The Valleys and I just want to quickly acknowledge them. 

First – I realized I hit comma status on Instagram last week! Aka, I have my first 1,000 followers! While it seems pretty trivial to a lot of people and it may be awhile before I start competing with Beyonce and her 108 million follower status, I was very excited. I really do love blogging and care about this little website and the social media accounts associated with it. I’d like to thank the Academy … 

This has been such a great outlet for me and has added a lot of positivity to my journey with Crohn’s Disease and autoimmune issues. For years, I greatly feared telling anyone about it. I would start to tell someone, whether it was a friend, teacher, or employer/coworker and I would get so embarrassed as my voice became shaky, others would get uncomfortable and then I would try to downplay it in an effort to change the mood. But a lot of that has changed; I have gained much more confidence over the years, which has been greatly accelerated by being able to discuss issues with you fine folks!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Second – I was nominated for a new blogger award called the Liebster Award by Kelly, of Tiny Trips & Tips! I am so happy to have connected with Kelly, who runs a travel blog about her adventures, both big and small, living all over the world. Read her Liebster nomination hereit is pretty entertaining! Blogging has led me to connect with so many interesting people who I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to interact with otherwise and this award nomination is just one example of that.

While I am working on finishing my article for the award as I try to prepare for next week, I wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am! 

Alright back to basking in the glory of a few days off. Highlights included:

  • Finally having a use for my calligraphy pens & helping a friend prep for a charity event they host annually by making the signage for their silent auction (I made myself sound much more important than I am here). Congratulations, you guys, on a super successful night raising funds for The Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Illinois Chapter at Fall Catalogue Night! Pretty incredible!
  • Friendsgiving getting me out of the house and caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Also made a killer rendition of Gimme Some Oven’s Buffalo Chicken Dip and I cannot wait to make it again.


  • Having Hannibal, Henry’s new best friend come over and terrorize/cuddle with him on such a rainy day Saturday.


  • Taking Henry to the dog beach for the first time ever. Henry, I am truly sorry this was our first trip there. Yes, I realize it is end of November, but people still go to this beach for awhile. While my hair did NOT comply (turns out getting bangs and living in a city nicknamed The Windy City, do not go together great to me so far) Henry had the time of his life. He is the best dog ever when he is properly exercised and watching him book it end to end as fast as he could had me hysterical. Right now, he is laying next to me sleeping and it is so delightful. Now, it’s time to get ready for Monday! Talk to you soon.



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  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous handwritten cards. FCN2017 was such a success and our baskets brought in close to $4,000 alone! I couldn’t have done it without you!

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