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I’m in the plane back from Charleston (for those of you living in Chicago, it’s such a quick flight – only an hour and half) and I am dying to see Henry. We were lucky enough to have one of my best friends stay with him all weekend, which really helped ease the anxiety I have about Henry being watched by other people, because yes, I am a truly crazy dog mom.


I’ll be honest, my stomach didn’t fare well in the South. I haven’t been able to keep much down without the worst indigestion or other issues this entire trip. Not sure if it is the food or stress feeding my Crohn’s irritation. But I’m super thankful I didn’t end up with the flu after Alex was so sick last week too. Does this mean my immune system is responding to my constant effort to repair it? The vitamins are working?! Who knows.

img_9979Quick Charleston Recap – it is just as cute and southern as it has been described to me recently. The people are very friendly, it’s definitely an upcoming foodie town, and everyone brings their dogs everywhere, which is something I will always support…

Friday we grabbed breakfast at a local spot – Lost Dog Cafe – that is covered in pictures of dogs, which reminds me, I need to send a picture of Henry down there… We then checked out the rest of Folly Beach and both thought about how much the pier and location reminded us of Manhattan Beach in CA, but with crowds (and real estate prices) a quarter of the size. We had so much fun just taking the days slow. We are so used to the quick pace of Chicago, which is one of my favorite qualities about the city – the people hustle hard, but lately I’ve really struggled to keep up, so this change was welcome. I also found myself having to smile more and not expect things on the drop of a dime, another Chicago quality. People really are just super nice there.

lrg_dsc06039Later, we ended up wandering into Citadel’s campus as we we exploring a park nearby, and I quickly realized that we would need to find a restroom soon. The adventure begins. The campus was unusually packed, but I didn’t think much of it until I got close to the central square and realized that all these fine people were all dressed in their Sunday best, and there I was looking like a Johnny Cash groupie speed walking through buildings trying to locate a bathroom. In Chicago you can wear whatever you want and no one looks twice, but that wasn’t the case here. When we left we realized it was their homecoming ceremony, which we found pretty funny. Alex has gone on a lot of these Crohn’s adventures with me, so he is used to the constant change of plans, but doesn’t make me feel any less because of it.


Saturday was my first southern wedding! It was at Old Wide Awake Plantation (what’s up Reese Witherspoon!) & was just as cute and southern as I knew my cousin’s new wife would make it. I’ve been to a fair amount of weddings, so it was nice to see a change of pace with less emphasis on the meal and more on socializing and getting to know the other attendees. Like I said before, my stomach was having a difficult time processing much, so I wasn’t able to eat many of the dishes, but from what I heard from everyone, the shrimp and grits, as well as the macaroni and cheese bar, were a hit!


Sunday was my favorite food day. We spent the day downtown Charleston, where I found a restaurant similar to Sweet Greens or Protein Bar here in Chicago, and for the first time all weekend my stomach was pleased with my food choices. We continued shopping and walking around French Quarter, grabbing some coffee, then some gelato, and doing some of the touristy stuff. The biggest surprise was how strong the fashion game was there! They have great style and amazing shopping along King St. downtown, all set among beautiful architecture and historic buildings. One of the most unique was the Urban Outfitters which is located in a historic downtown theatre – very cool space. The evening ended with a delicious thai dinner consisting of an awesome red curry and potstickers, and recapping the wedding evening with friends and family. Because how else do you end a trip to the south, right?!  


Charleston, you are definitely a charmer! We will be back someday. While we didn’t get a chance to try some of the gluten free restaurants I wanted to, this article provides a great list!

My fav food:

Since getting back, I’m still working on how to best address this nausea issue without having to rely on Zofran all the time. I decided it is time to get back to my acupuncturist, as it has been a few months, and I am also hoping that catching up on sleep this week will help somehow. I have also made an appointment to try cupping therapy after reading about some of the benefits for those of us with thyroid problems or anemia issues, so I will let you know how that goes… For now, it is time to embark into this frigid Chicago weather!


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