The 3 Month Thank You!

And here we are again, on Sunday and I am once again stunned at how quickly two days can go by. Currently, the weather is super sleepy with a light drizzle and cold air, making it the perfect time to recap, make more food, watch movies with Henry and have some tea.

This weekend was special for a number of reasons.

lrg_dsc05949(1) As I mentioned in my last post, I am going through a little bit of a writer’s block I guess, so I have just been trying to fill my time doing things I enjoy and not focus on making something out of nothing. Instead of focusing on my thoughts and this website, I felt the need to take my focus off me and redirect it to those around me.

The timing for this was perfect because I knew my brother was proposing to his girlfriend Michelle this weekend and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch this moment I knew was so special to him. I woke up at 6am (first time all week despite work schedules) hopped in the car, drove to Notre Dame University (Michelle’s alma mater) for the ND v. USC game and waited at the Grotto with my parents where the proposal was taking place. I hid behind a statue while it was happening with the telephoto lens and caught some candid shots. I know they look so happy here, but this is legitimately how they have been since they met. Michelle is always so happy & Austin is happy as long as she is – it really warms my heart. We’re so excited and proud to have her as part of the family.


(2) The Peaks & The Valleys celebrated it’s 3 month anniversary! I can’t believe 3 months have already flown by. Even if I quit doing this tomorrow I am still happy I’ve gotten to know you guys! With each month, I have been able to connect with more and more of you, and as of right now, I’ve had 4,651 views and 2,482 viewers on the actual blog and gained over 800 Instagram followers! (this is big for me, okay?!) I never really thought I would share so much with people I don’t know, but turns out I overshare more than under because you are so encouraging and bring out a lot of thoughts for me. So, cheers!


Many of you have asked about my current state of health and where I am at in my journey and I probably have had a different answer for each one of you. That’s because it just changes so much lately. If it isn’t one thing, it is another, but I work constantly to keep addressing them, in hopes of not only helping myself but also offering ideas to any one of you. This past week was really difficult as I just couldn’t get myself to a constant state mentally or physically, but it happens and I intend to keep working towards a healthier state overall. Some weeks are amazing, some are not. My Crohn’s is at a pretty good place as far as the classic symptoms go, however, I’ve had to address a lot of inflammation issues that have presented themselves elsewhere in my body that frankly caused quite a bit of panic in me. Like trying to determine why my knees are always so swollen and make it so difficult to walk some days, and whether the pain in my side was an infected appendix or my ovarian cysts bursting and why my hair just keeps falling out. But, you guys keep me afloat!

All of this to say … Thank You!

To my parents who text me after every post telling me how much they loved it, to Alex for always proofreading, and to all of my friends and family who call, text, and email me about a post or a picture or a thought they liked, or a grammatical error, or a post idea –


You guys make me feel like I am doing something worthwhile, and it is really sweet.



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