No Coffee, No Problem!

Henry is the laziest dog, I swear.

Happy Friday! I am sure you are just as ready for a few days away from the office as I am. This week has been a rough one health-wise for me due to some abdominal pains I am still sorting through.

A couple weeks ago I decided that I needed to quit my love affair with coffee, and I am finally coming to the tail end of that little experiment …  with some alterations to the schedule. The whole “no coffee, no problem!” was difficult some days, but worth it for many reasons.


Week 1: Cold Brew. Really wasn’t too bad. I even limited myself to one cold brew a day. I had my Entyvio treatment that week too, and was able to rest quite a bit. I was feeling so confident that on the first Saturday, I just skipped coffee in general, and ended up getting about 12 hours of apparently much needed sleep!

Week 2: Yerba Mate. Being so encouraged by my progress, I jumped right to tea and skipped the Yerba Mate. To be honest, after researching it, I still wasn’t sure how to properly make Yerba Mate and all of the pre-made drinks that contained Yerba Mate had a TON of sugar in them, which I thought defeated the purpose. The first two days of the week were tough, as I was riddled with headaches and finally felt like I was going through caffeine withdrawal, however, by Wednesday I started to feel naturally tired and just tried to sleep when I felt this come on, instead of fighting to stay awake. If you understand how to properly make Yerba Mate, please share below!


The cutest tea cups and (also has matching carafe), thanks mom!

Week 3: Tea week. Yes, this week was supposed to be just for tea, but I slipped up. I went to Starbucks and got a latte, not even thinking about it. I was on vacation, alright?!  Otherwise, I stuck to my promise and rarely had coffee at all. I did take at least 1 nap a day and it was amazing. I re-ignited my love for black English tea in the morning, it is so smooth and delicious. Towards the end of the week, I decided to start working in the Kombucha, but to be totally honest, I just couldn’t get into Kombucha, the smell combined with the carbonation is just a little weird. I know, not exactly as great as my master plan, but the same effect was achieved!

Week 4: Kombucha week. Another week of delicious tea.

Week 5: Water week. Well I am supposed to go sans caffeine …. I did! For three days. Then I had some black tea. Ugh the workday is so rough without a little boost after lunch! Going forward, I am going to try to keep my caffeine intake to one cup or less a day, in order to keep my sleep patterns more regular.

Over the course of this experiment, my research assistant (Alex) has looked into different alternatives to the high caffeine coffee/tea that I have been accustomed to. One thing he found was this Four Sigmatic Mushroom based coffee (they have more than coffee, though). elixirs_300x250Alex loves it so far! It has less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, but contains things like Cordyceps, an adaptaogen, which helps produce and sustain steady levels of energy, or Chaga, a mushroom that helps support immune function (kinda funky, huh?). The effects of the mushroom base in the coffee offers additional benefits, without the jitters and crash of regular coffee (it is better explained here). It definitely has an “earthy” taste, and probably won’t be for everyone – but mixed into this smoothie you don’t even know it’s there!

I am so excited to try it! I did my own research and found some amazing recipes that people have come with using this coffee, found here. If you want to try it with me, enter the code: TPandTV to get 10% off your order! I will post what I try next week. Let me know what you think!


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