“I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this …”

Travel Recap: Denver, Colorado


Repeat: Why can I not vacation forever?! I love a good trip, more than ever lately. I want to say Denver ‘didn’t disappoint’ but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, however, we made the best of it and if that is the worst that Colorado really gets … sign me up!

Day 1: Catch Up on Sleep & Acclimate. We landed late on Friday and altitude sickness hit me hard when I got off the plane, probably because I wasn’t anticipating it. My heart began racing and I mentioned to Alex that I suddenly wasn’t feeling well. It didn’t take too long for that to change though. Do my autoimmune issues play into that at all? No clue.

My first thought upon landing and getting on the light rail was how incredibly clean this city is. Everything is new and pristine and I like that. Also, the recently renovated downtown Union Station was so cute. Fast forward to dinner, drinks, an 80’s cover band, catching up with old friends and finally catching up on sleep.  We took the next day to relax, get into vacation mode, and acclimate to the change in altitude. Note: always build in time to acclimate.073e27eb-7048-4cc9-af9f-fad84fa5fe06-1

Day 2: Broomehut Trail & Gluten Free Brewery. By the second day, we were ready to get moving. I had been pressing to see the Aspens change and this route was perfect for that. We hiked Broomehut Trail, an easy hike for most, however, the first 5 minutes left me panting, as we were up at about 11,350 ft. We took our time through the surprisingly snow covered trail and about half way through at an overlook, I got to check something off my bucket list – I saw a moose! My bucket list is pretty long, okay? We were eager to see what else was ahead, but after another hour up the trail, we encountered yet another moose just ahead of us – that one told us it was time to head back down the mountain. And I was getting hangry. 

We appropriately rewarded ourselves with a trip to our friend’s favorite brewery – Holidaily: an entirely  GLUTEN FREE BREWERY. Yes! Gluten Free Brewery! I love hanging with these two friends because I never have to compromise and decide if I should eat something that may not work with my system because one of them has Celiac’s Disease and the other is a Dietitian, so they get it. We all recapped the trip as we put a few beers down and hit up the gluten free food truck outside. Fast forward picks up another friend, orders take out, then catches up on more sleep.

Day 3: Lucile’s & Boulder.
Wakes up, goes to Lucile’s Creole Cafe near Cherry Creek, drives to Boulder, visits Pearl Street. Fast forward to Nederland, Colorado – a town situated about 30 miles from Boulder, in the middle of the mountains. The drive in is probably the best part – I forgot how small you feel next to the mountains. We joked about what would happen if the rocks actually did fall in front of us, what would we even do? Still don’t have an answer on that one.

Fast forward to the Flat Irons. I have always been fascinated with the Flat Irons. I really wanted to go to UC Boulder for law school, but in some ways I am glad I didn’t because I would have never graduated (the scenery surrounding it is just too enticing). We attempted to beat the sun as we hiked up one of the trails that was sprinkled with mule deer. These deer apparently have no natural predators in that area so they get incredibly close to humans, which was pretty awesome. Fast forward a surprisingly amazing jalapeno margarita and tacos inside a converted industrial space at The Source, in Denver.

Day 4: Red Rockin’. We made two trips to Red Rocks that day. In the morning, we hiked around some of the trails, stopping to take in the first sunshine of the trip and stretch. It was still pretty cold, however, it was a nice change of pace since it had rained every day since arriving. Fast forward packing, showering, last minute errands before concert.

It was time to go to Red Rocks for the much anticipated Gorillaz concert. The concert was forecasted for perfection, however, upon our arrival, it started to sleet and never stopped the entire concert. Despite this, the Gorillaz were awesome and we made the best of it, as we got to catch up with more friends who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. I can’t imagine standing outside for a concert in those conditions at an other venue, but the beauty and grandeur of Red Rocks made it bearable.

By the end of the night, we had 3-4 hours to sleep before boarding our flight and I was desperately missing Henry.
Fast forward comes home sleeps for a few hours and relaxes. Suddenly, vacation was over and work/life were waiting.

Takeaway: We love Colorado and the lifestyle awarded to those by living there. While the Midwest is pretty flat overall, getting out on these trails made me forget about all my medical drama and just enjoy myself, which was a welcome change. I always wonder if current health issues could be remedied by changing my geographic location. Could higher elevation, drier air, and access to outdoor activities lead to a healthier me? Has anyone experienced lifestyle changes or moves having an effect on their individual conditions? I would love to hear another take one this! Until then, happy exploring 🙂





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  1. I’m not sure about healthier, but I do recall being a much cheaper drunk in CO. Anything that helps the bank account amiright?

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