[Friday Feels]

After looking through all these beautiful Colorado pictures and recapping the trip (I’ll post more next week because I think I am Jimmy Chin and took about 500 pics), Denver has me thinking more and more about making moves to a more relaxed lifestyle. Not sure where that is or what it even means, but traveling keeps igniting some curiosity in me that makes me refocus on what makes me happy. One of those was hiking around and getting access to that crisp mountain air. Another one of those things is this blog, so I naturally spent any downtime thinking about where to go next with it. I love planning. 

I have been so encouraged and excited by all of you and not only your support for me, but for each other as well. I decided to do some reorganization in an effort to reach and connect more of us on the social media front, so I made a Facebook page associated with the website (even thought about a Pinterest account, maybe this weekend? overshooting again?) and have also redesigned the website that you are hopefully reading this on (!) Yes, it is more than just an Instagram page. It’s okay, it is common mistake, but go look at that clean fresh layout! & while it’s not a huge change per se, it’s another one that makes me happy and excited for the future!

As for the weekend – you will find us wakesurfing & reuniting with our four legged bestie Henry!

Can’t I just be on vacation forever?

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