Prepping for the Peaks

cff845fc-cd47-4398-9cbd-a59d6a1690f0All of a sudden, the vacation we booked two months ago is almost here and the hyper-organized side of me is out in full swing! I am SO excited to get out to the mountains, do some hiking/biking, see some friends, and relax. While we’re leaving record high 90 degree summer temps in Chicago for the cool mountain air, the thought of escaping the concrete jungle for a few days has me grinning from ear to ear. Denver is such a beautiful city with access to so many activities in such short radius and to top it off, this time of year is hands down the best time to visit (I’m a sucker for dead and dying leaves).

In the past few years/trips, I have begun to make two separate lists: a fun, life list with what cool things I am going to bring, then a Crohn’s list, to make sure I have all my meds and back ups. This Crohn’s list is actually pretty important to me this time because over the last week I have not been feeling well and have really struggled to eat or keep down what I ate, so I am feeling pretty nutrient-deprived. Eats a bite, mouth dries out, or bile comes up, puts food down, starts sweating, etc. This has resulted in losing a decent amount of weight again, which I hope to gain back over the next week since I will be relaxing and not stressed about my normal schedule and will also be able to let my body rest up. Those mountain breweries (ciders) should help too 🙂

I think it is pretty comical how perfectly I try to organize so that I can ensure I have everything on the list, so I am including you guys on that part this time!

List 1: Crohn’s stuff8293405e-4d01-4f3e-97d8-caedbaa2092e

  • Cortifoam
  • LDN
  • Prednisone (back up)
  • Benadryl
  • Tylenol
  • Migraine meds
  • Tirosint
  • Vitamins
  • Protein bars (because I get hangry and sometimes can’t eat what everyone else is eating)
  • Vital Proteins Packs (these are such perfect/cute little on the go protein powders, perfect for travel!)
  • Tea (because, you already know, no coffee!)


What I am anxious about:img_4045

(1) Hiking. Flashback to huffing and puffing up a volcano 6 months ago. (2) My stomach after flying is either totally fine or a total disaster, so I am hoping to sleep through most of it. I can create a number of different situations in my head that I am afraid of, but that will just make things worse, so I am just going with the flow as much as possible!

What I want from the trip: Less time on my phone and computer and more time looking up, enjoying the landscape, as well as some down time to reassess how the rest of the year will go, and finally a lot of fun. Updates to come!




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