But First, [No More Coffee]


But First, Coffee

Good morning, beautiful people! I hope you are reading this as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee – I’m writing this while drinking the cold brew iced latte I posted about Saturday! That thing is delish. But, by next Monday, I won’t be starting my morning with the regular cup of joe, because I’m giving my love affair with coffee a break. I know grumpiness awaits and you may not want to see me over the next month.

But, why?  

I know, I know, I just posted this cold brew iced latte, but I only did so because I was making this post about quitting coffee, but wasn’t sure I was going to commit to it quite yet. Now I have decided to give it a shot for reasons detailed below!

Because I drink too much coffee – I really love a good coffee. It’s consistent and wakes me up on the daily. However, I have known in the back of my mind for awhile that I should probably dial it back. My morning go-to is a double or triple shot latte. I know, it’s kind of a lot. To some people it isn’t, (but they should probably consider giving it a break too.) So it is time to cut that tolerance back.

Putting it in perspective – the maximum recommended daily intake of caffeine for someone my weight is 340 mg before you start to experience the negative results of caffeine overdose. This is equal to roughly 5 shots of espresso. I am currently knocking half that out in the morning and something close after lunch. Real big shocker I crash so hard.

img_8419Because I don’t sleep well – The hardest part of making it through the day is pulling myself back together after lunch. Drinks Starbucks Refresher or another coffee. While that carries me through the end of the work day, I get home and crash … partly due to lack of energy from Crohn’s and trying to maintain a full time job and partly from the caffeine highs and lows. It’s a constant struggle trying to figure out how to sustain working full time and also trying to nurse this condition back to remission, so I have always said coffee gives me that fake energy I need, and it’s not healthy.

Because research says I should – Alex, being the considerate person that he is, was doing some research on flare worthy foods/drinks/things to avoid and he couldn’t help but acknowledge …. we had to slow it down with my coffee intake to see if that was (1) one of my aggravators during a flare or (2) whether it was a trigger substance or (3)  whether it was totally fine for me. That is where the cold brew came in. He could sense my apprehension and said we can start slow by cutting out the really acidic coffee and go to cold brew instead before phasing it out totally.

From everything I have read, for some Crohn’s patients, it can worsen leaky gut, aggravate a current flare, rush things through your system if you know what I mean, which we can’t handle, already losing so many nutrients during a flare, keep you up when your body is really needing the sleep, and irritate the stomach lining due to it’s acidity, which is a nightmare on top of all the acidity in your stomach especially during a flare.

b651691f-9d5a-4098-8854-36ed2932f9ddFinally, because I love an experimentover the next 5 weeks, I’ll not only be testing out different alternatives to my espresso and drip coffee love (because let’s be real, if I don’t have anything, it’s going to be a problem) I will also be substantially decreasing my caffeine intake. I can almost guarantee one thing – I’ll be taking many more naps but will also sleep much better!

So here is the schedule: KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE. The level at which I drink all of these will depend on the sugar content as well as caffeine content. The schedule is deliberate. The higher caffeine content drinks will be first. I am definitely still working through this as I learn about each of these sources of caffeine & will update you with everything I have learned when that time comes!

Week 1: Cold Brew

It’s not like I am going cold turkey… I am just changing the type of coffee I drink and lessening it over the next week. Cold Brew is actually pretty strong too, I found out.

1 fl. oz. of espresso has roughly 64 mg of caffeine in it. But when trying to find out how much caffeine is in cold brew, it really depends on how much water you dilute it with. Going forward, I will probably add more water. The verdict was, the 4 oz. of cold brew will probably be pretty close (still slightly less) to that of a double espresso, so I try to be cognisant of that fact when drinking it.

Week 2: Yerba Mate (tea native to South America, higher caffeine content than black or green tea)

Week 3: Tea (Black or Green)

Week 4: Kombucha (fermented black or green tea with probiotic qualities, lower caffeine content generally than normal black and green tea)

Week 5: Water. This one is going to be rough! Bring on that hotel cucumber and lemon infused water.


Wish me luck!


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