Hammer Time

Finally! I got the apartment organized & some pictures hung this weekend. It took getting a chemical peel for me to get around to it – Saturday was day 3 and my face was in full peel mode, making public appearances impossible (unless you don’t care about people staring, but I’m not quite there yet). So, the weekend started off with a basic, but beautiful breakfast, a far fetched to do list, fast forward 4.5 hours later, my closet is now a color coordinated dream and the frames are off the floor! Isn’t the Detroit map awesome? My good friend (and talented architect) Brittany made it using a laser cutter for my birthday a few years back. Full disclosure: Alex hung the pictures 🔨 While I should move onto the kitchen, I think it’s time to call it a day.

I know I mentioned this before, but having two bathrooms has been such a luxury the last few weeks. Fellow Crohn’s sufferers, do you find it difficult to share a bathroom with your significant other? There have been times when it has been really difficult, however, Alex is pretty accommodating to my needs. We got close quick when we lived in a studio apartments together, so we feel like ballers with more than one bathroom now! Small wins with city living.

My favorite part of the this place, besides the bathrooms, is the patio. This winter when my flare started, I really struggled getting Henry out enough without completely exhausting myself. We knew we needed an outdoor space for him so that we weren’t running him in and out 8 times a day. Thus, having some outdoor space to enjoy is extra important to us, and I’m basking in the ability to spread out a bit out there! & Henry is happier too 🙂


Cheers to the weekend!

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