The (pup)arazzi got Henry, again!


I know, I treat Henry better than the majority of people in my life and that makes me a little bit of a crazy dog lady, but I am not the only one who shares a fascination for this perfect pup! I hope you are all imagining Busy Bee’s Mom in Best in Show, because that is me.

When Henry came home to us on December 31, 2016, we were more than excited for the new edition to our wolf pack. It has been a running joke for the last five years that I would ask for Henry (the hypothetical name I have always called my future dog) to be delivered Christmas Day. New Year’s Eve is always a let down, but not this past year!


He is a true rags to riches story. October 2016 to December 2016.  Henry was found at Lake Okachobee in the swampland of Florida by a lovely group of men alligator hunting, who (thankfully) picked him up and brought him to Tampa, Florida. One young man’s parents were clients of the quickly growing Andaleash Specialty Pet Care business,  premiere dog walking service and now, daycare facility in Tampa, who then contacted Alex’s brother Andy and his wife Samantha (who own Andaleash) to determine what they could do with Henry. Andy has had a history of placing dogs, but they already had two of their own. The stars aligned, Alex and I went to visit Andy and Samantha before the holidays, happened to meet Henry, became secretly obsessed with him, and three weeks later, Andy flew him up here on New Year’s Eve Day. We were so happy that they gave us a shot with Henry.


I have dreamed about having a dog of my own forever, so I had already mentally and I am sure verbally committed to taking him every place he is legally allowed to go (which is a lot of places it turns out). Our first major gathering outside of Chicago was in February, when we went to the Shelf Ice Beer Festival in Michigan City, Indiana. Henry was the hit in the crowd, jumping paws up on all the counter tops with his fake ID. We knew it was a matter of time before the puparazzi would catch his onto cuteness – (as seen on the Michigan City News Dispatch Facebook Page). Yes, I definitely consented to all his pictures.


Since then, he has become our own personal little statue. As his goofy personality came out, we then realized his potential and have amused ourselves with these pictures ever since. He is the only dog I have had that has ever held still for a picture for more than a few seconds… So I take a lot!

The real kicker came last night when we were curious what would come up if we googled our names. I know, lame, but interesting considering I already know two other people with my same name. While it is different for everyone, for me, the third hit was this article from the Chicago Tribune: Our 10 Favorite Dog Friendly Restaurant Patios in Chicago where you will find in the gallery of pictures, these below. Yes, I hold him on my lap sometimes and yes, he is super cute with tots (mostly just tries to lick them).

(Photos by Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune)

Point being – Henry is now a celebrity and I feel like a dance mom!

Happy Thursday!

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