Welcome & Thank You!

Ahhh! It’s here! All my thoughts/research/experiences dealing with Crohn’s Disease over the past ten years as well as the not so serious and fun times I have had along the way, in this little blog! I’m sure many changes will be made along the way and who knows what the success will be, but I can say it’s the most excited I’ve been about something in awhile.

I wanted to make a separate account for these experiences because as I started writing, I realized many of the experiences cannot be conveyed by just me. I am only one side of the story. I want to share the platform with others as well, in order to account for what I cannot explain adequately or haven’t experienced.

But, for starters, you’ll hear a lot from me about what I am currently dealing with medically as well as some of my travel stories, recipes, and other life comments about career and hobbies. I know that is a lot, but like I have said before, I feel like I am much more than an individual affected by disease. You will also see many, many pictures featuring my gorgeous dog.

I am doing this with the end goal of raising awareness for invisible illness, while also having some fun. Advocating for those without a voice is something I have deeply cared about for a long time, but haven’t been able to harness into a positive and concise message until recently. I really do appreciate you taking the time to invest in the journey that is The Peaks and The Valleys and look forward to everything that is ahead! 


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