What’s Next?


I was truly surprised at the amount of support I received from first posting about my journey with Crohn’s Disease. I also felt a little embarrassed that I had taken the time to write something some personal, but a lot of good has come from it. Crohn’s presents itself differently for each person affected, but those of you who share your stories about various autoimmune conditions, you inspire me endlessly.


Pictured: Henry and I enjoying time at home, where we have spent most of the year when I am not at work. I unfortunately require lots and lots and lots of sleep and general rest while I’m having a flare, but this normally overly-energetic pup seems to get it when I’m just not able to come around that day. Soooo, it is no surprise I’m so attached to him!

Not pictured: Alex, my love/best friend/caretaker/funniest person I know. Dating someone who has been predominately healthy their entire life can be a challenge. But, over time, Alex has educated himself about my condition and has adapted to our altered schedule over the years during flares. Whether I am healthy or not, he continues to inflate my ego with compliments, push me to be a the healthiest version of myself, while still making me feel like a normal chick.

Regarding my current health state as of late May: things are going alright after a recent round of medication, which inevitably included the miracle/devil drug Prednisone. I detest taking it because the side effects are so intense for me, but it does help. Side effects include: moon face, a solid 10 pound weight gain, hair loss, hair growth elsewhere, and mood swingsssssss. It is not an enjoyable experience for anyone around me while I am taking it, but with the combination of other steroids, it stops the bleeding very quickly.

So, what is next?

Next week I’ll try my fourth type of biologic, which is a new IV infusion therapy developed specifically for UC and Crohn’s, cue the positive vibes! I need suggestions/recommendations/support/anything holistic or alternative that will help counterbalance medication. I’ve tried a number of things over the years but am looking for some fresh ideas. I’m sorry in advance to those of you who eat out with me! Acupuncture? Meditation? More working out? Less working out? Back to paleo/gluten free diet? Lactose free? Sugar free? Retire? Become a stay at home dog mom? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I really recommend supplementing your Entyvio with CBD-infused oil. I was at the infusion center the other day, and all three of us with Crohn’s have tried/are trying it. http://www.irisgummies.com/ This is the website I use; it’s legit, and they have not ripped me off so far. Best of luck to you in your journey!

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